Planning, managing and performing the processing of materials

    into intermediate or final products and related professional
    and technical support activities such as production planning and
    control, maintenance and manufacturing/process engineering.

    A Few Sample Careers
    Computer Aiding Drafting (CAD) Operator
    Industrial Maintenance Technician
    Instrument Technician
    Labor Relations Manager
    Machine Operator
    Machine Tool Operator
    Manufacturing Executive
    Product Developer
    Quality Control Specialist
    Quality Engineer

    Lee County Schools Courses
    Caterpillar Apprenticeship Training in Welding program
    Metals Manufacturing I and II (Lee County HS)

    Certifications & Credentials You Can Earn
    Career Safe, OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    Various other credentials can be earned through the
        Caterpillar Apprenticeship Training in Welding program.

    Student Leadership Opportunities
    Skills USA
    Technology Student Association

    CCCC Programs 
    Bioprocess Manufacturing Technology
    Bioprocess Technology-Bioquality
    Computer Aided Drafting Design
    Computer-Integrated Machining Technology
    Industrial Systems Technology