• In the classroom the students and I will be held accountable to follow these 5 P's when it comes to Classroom Rules/Expectations


    Classroom Expectations

    The 5 P's of Success

    1. Prompt

    Arrive on-time

    2. Prepared

    Bring all required materials daily

    3. Positive 

    Welcome opportunities and challenges 

    with an open mind

    4. Polite

    Respect the learning process, the teacher, your peers, and property 

    at ALL times.

    5. Participate

    Engage in learning activities from bell to bell


    Students should always show RESPECT for themselves, others, and learning. If at any given time a student begins to struggle with the classroom rules/expectations I will immediately contact the parents. As the parent(s) if you notice that your child is struggling with something academically or behavior wise please feel free to contact me @ (919)774-3733 or cfling.edwards@lee.k12.nc.us.

    Last but not least......I have ZERO TOLERENCE for BULLYING in the classroom. If at any moment your child is caught bullying someone there will be immediate consequences.