• Essential 11         Active, Interdisciplinary Site Team

    An active, interdisciplinary AVID Site Team collaborates on issues of student access to and success in rigorous college preparatory courses

    • SanLee site team has become extremely committed and involved this year in all processes of growing AVID across our school.
    • PD in AVID is embedded into all we do using administration and site team members.
    • We analyze our plan quarterly to ensure we are on target to meet our goals and make changes in current practices.
    • Site team members share AVID strategies at grade level and department PLC's which meet regularly.
    • We incorporated one school-based parent meeting on AVID and one district-wide parent informational meeting on AVID.
    • Our AVID students are actively involved by demonstrating tutorials, notebooks and agendas, and note taking strategies.

    Site Team Plan

     Goal 1

    To increase rigor in all classes at SanLee through increased knowledge in AVID strategies and WICOR 

    Goal 2

    To create a data collection and reporting system analyzing demographics, attendance, discipline, test scores and enrollment in higher level courses to ensure equal and appropriate access for all students

    Goal 3

    Focus on and develop organizational skills that promote student goal setting, academic growth, and self-management through school-wide expectations and procedures