• Essential 10         Available Site/District Resources

    The school or district has identified resources for program costs, has agreed to implement all AVID Essentials and to participate in AVID Certification. It has committed to ongoing participation in AVID professional learning

    • LCS continues to fund SI, AVID elective teachers, and district leader.
    • Administration at SLMS is trained and provides PD in AVID to teachers monthly. The continued growth in AVID across our school can be attributed to AVID being a focus in our School Improvement plan for the last 3 years.
    • SanLee puts two-thirds of our tutoring monies towards tutors in the AVID elective class each year.
    • Our district provides APLW and Path opportunities for teachers on Saturdays with a stipend paid.
    • We incorporate an AVID overview for new teachers at the beginning of the year to ensure they understand the basics of what AVID is, schoolwide expectations, and a few AVID strategies that are easiest to incorporate.
    • We also provide 4 APLW trainings to all our staff over the 2016-2017 school year.