• Essential 8           Tutorials led by AVID-Trained Tutors

    A sufficient number of tutors must be available in the AVID Elective class(es) to facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum. Tutors should be students enrolled in colleges and universities, who can mentor students and facilitate tutorials, and they must be trained to implement the methodologies used in AVID.

    • We have 6 college tutors which works with in a class of 20-25. These tutors were trained by our district coordinator in the most recent AVID tutorial process.
    • Our tutors utilized and modeled high level questioning and kept the groups focused and engaged to assist the presenter to work through the point of confusion. Our AVID coordinator has developed a relationship with the Early College and Community College to assist in recruitment of college students.
    • Tutors must apply, interview, and go through the hiring process each year.
    • Our students are trained in the tutorial process and steps using the AVID tools.