Essential 6           Strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum 

    A strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum provides a basis for instruction in the AVID Elective class.

    • We have had a focus on reading and writing in the elective classroom and across the school to develop reflective thoughts and ideas.
    • We have a school-wide expectation for organized note taking using the Cornell, 2 column, or 3 column notes. Students in the the AVID elective are taught and practice reflective writing through WICOR strategies like Learning Logs, 3,2,1 strategy, Write the Wrong, and TRF’s.
    • All teachers at SanLee teach students marking the text strategies for their content area.
    • Our AVID elective classroom utilizes Weeks at a Glance and AVID Weekly in the AVID elective classroom to ensure an emphasis on reading and writing is taught and strategies are modeled for students.