• Essential 5           Instructional strategies 

    Instructional strategies are taught in the AVID Elective class to develop students’ organizational skills that promote academic selfmanagement.

    • We have implemented school-wide binders, agendas, and supply list which we saw assisted all students with organization in all classes.
    • Core classes utilize Cornell, two, and three column notes to assist students with studying.
    • Timelines and due dates are developed with AVID students in many core classes and AVID elective to assist in organization and time management.
    • AVID elective and many core classes have implemented weekly binder checks.
    • All students and staff participate in goal setting and tracking of longterm,mid-term, and short-term goals in classes and for the future.
    • The AVID elective class teaches students how to check and monitor GPA.
    • All students and staff are supplied with an agenda at the beginning of the year.
    • Students unable to obtain binders and tabs are provided with these through donated materials.