• Essential 3           Full Implementation

    The school must be committed to full implementation of AVID, with students enrolled in the AVID year-long Elective class(es) available within the regular academic school day.

    • AVID, band and and orchestra are our only year-long elective classes. We changed the master schedule in the 2015-16 school year to ensure our AVID students were able to have more than just AVID and Health and PE.

    • We have expanded our sections of AVID elective to accommodate the number enrolled in each grade level. We work with the band teacher to creatively provide opportunities for students desiring to take band be in the band.

    • Our AVID District Director has developed partnerships with area universities to provide tours and guest speakers for our AVID elective students.

    • Our Site Coordinator has been working on local partnerships with our early college and community college to obtain tutors and opportunities for our AVID elective students.