• Essential 2           Voluntary Participation

    AVID program participants, both students and staff, must choose to participate in the AVID program.

    There is a detailed process including an application and interview in place which students choose to go through.
    • All our AVID elective students and parents sign contracts detailing their responsibilities on being in the class. Students not adhering to the contract are placed on probation.
    • Teachers apply to go to SI and join the site team. Summer Institute participants are chosen based on their level of interest and knowledge demonstrated through classroom implementation, discussions in PLC’s, and dept team meeting.
    • Site team members are leaders in their departments and grade levels asked to share their knowledge with others on how to incorporate AVID and WICOR throughout the curriculum.
    • All students in AVID elective are placed in classes which are the most rigorous to meet their needs according to the data we have (classroom grades, End of Grade assessments, EVAAS prediction scores, teacher recommendation,district rubric for advanced level courses .
    • The AVID elective teacher applies and is interviewed for the position.
    • Our AVID parents participate in college visits and parent nights.