• Essential 1           Student Selection

    AVID student selection must focus on students in the middle, with academic potential, who would benefit from AVID support to improve their academic record and begin college preparation. 

    At SanLee Middle School we utilize a variety of data to ensure we are selecting student in the "academic middle" through various modes;
    • previous test scores,
    • teacher recommendations,
    • past grades,and
    • careful screening.
    • We have incorporated our AVID site team into recruitment, interviews, and selection.
    • We utilize AVID elective students to introduce rising 6th graders to opportunities and advantages to applying for AVID during their tours in April.
    • We send out characteristics of potential AVID elective students to teachers and counselors and ask them to encourage students which exhibit these characteristics to apply.
    • We utilize a point-based rubric for interviews and criteria.
    • Students are sorted and selected using the rubric and points.
    Our elementary feeder schools also incorporate AVID Elementary and assist in identifying students that would benefit from AVID elective.