• The AVID club of SanLee Middle School has been established for the following reasons:

    • To promote & participate in AVID at SLMS and the City of Sanford
    • Support AVID students at SLMS
    • Promote community service
    • Organize functions and activities
    • Organize social events, fundraisers
    • Participate in leadership training
    • A common organization for all AVID students.

     To qualify as a member you have to:

    • Students enrolled in the AVID class. 
    • Students must abide by SLMS Code of Conduct and AVID contract.
    • All members must perform 10 hours of community service hours/year and attend all mandatory meetings.
    • It is an expectation that members be present at all coordinated activities

    Offices will be elected at the first meeting

    • President,
    • Vice President,
    • Secretary, and
    • Social Coordinator 
    AVID members will seek nominations for these offices. Officers shall be elected on a annual basis; unless a motion is made to hold re-elections. A motion can be made if an officer is nor biding by his or her requirements.  Elections will be held at an announced annual meeting of the membership.  Only AVID student members may participate in the voting process.  Officer terms will begin every year. There are no term limits. All Officers must obey by SLMS Code of Conduct and AVID contracts. (which have been signed by both a parent and student)

    Documentation for AVID Club