• Entrance

     AVID Logo @ SanLee middle School:

      Welcome to our World

    • "AVID is a schoolwide approach to college readiness"
    • Evidence of student achievement is widely displayed school wide every where on the walls of the school and most notable when you enter the school. It has been mentioned that upon entrance to the school,the family atmosphere is tangible and college preparedness screams at the visitor.
    • Our  leadership(school and district level) is committed to college readiness for all students at both school and district levels
    • AVID best practices are implemented school wide
    • Educators at SanLee are dedicated and AVID trained to successfully implement the AVID College Readiness System for all students 
    • The AVID Elective class models excellent inquiry-based AVID tutorials
    • SanLee Middle School are a showplace of commitment and synergy that a strong AVID System creates for schoolwide college readiness