Click on the link for the Grade 6 Standard Course of Study


    Binders: Per school policy, students will keep all coursework in a designated place in their Grade 6 Binder.  Work will be separated into the proper sections and remain there for the duration of the course.  Binder checks will take place on a regular basis.

    Student Work: Students will complete a variety of work in the classroom.  Graded assignments will be returned to the students so that they can do corrections and receive partial credit.  All graded and corrected work will be kept in the Social Studies section of the binder until we start a new unit.  Work will then be transferred to the Social Studies Folder in class for future reference.

    Absent Work: If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get all the work missed from their Core's 'Absent Folder' (if applicable) and or a class mate and return it in a timely manner.

    Late WorkStudents are encouraged to turn in all assignments on time to maximize the learning process.  During each nine weeks, students will be given ample opportunities to turn in late or missing work.
    Homework: I will not give homework unless a student does not finish his/her classwork.  From time to time, projects will serve as homework.
    Class Rules: Students are expected to adhere to the school-wide policies as set forth in the student handbook as well as the Clemson Tigers Teachers' expectations.

    Class Materials: Students need to come to class prepared every day.  Please ensure all supplies are brought to class every day (refer to the Supply List).

    Grades are made up as follows:

    65%     Classwork /Homework/Participation

    35%     Test/Quizzes/Projects