Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Keith Davis

Mr. Davis has been a music teacher in public schools for 20 years and currently works at Deep River Elementary. He’s taught private guitar lessons for over 20 years at Buchanan’s Music and has performed live and in studio with countless area and regional musicians throughout that entire time. Keith is best known as a guitar player, but has also mastered the piano, recorder, bass, banjo, mandolin and dobro. Mr. Davis's primary live music project at the moment is Southern Voice.

Mr. Davis traces his love of music all the way back to his youth at Jonesboro Methodist Church, where Danny Hester led the youth choir. He recalls those times fondly, commenting, “I can remember buying a Bon Jovi cassette tape along with the sound track to the Ghostbusters movie, I would sit and listen for hours to the recordings. When I was a teenager I got a CD player and would stay in my room for hours listening to my favorite CDs.” Davis bought his first guitar at Buchanan’s when he was 14 years old and began taking guitar lessons there. Then, it was on to high school. college, music classes and performing with bands in the years that followed.