• 1. Respect yourself, your classmates, and your classroom. 
    2. Follow the Lee County High School cell phone policy.
    3. Be responsible for your learning.
    4. Listen and follow directions.
    5. Be on time and enter the classroom quietly.
    6. No food or drink (except water) is permitted in the classroom.
    7. Laptops are a privilege, not a right. Use them appropriately.
    8. Have fun!
    After a student is absent, the student is responsible for checking with the instructor or on Canvas to get any assignments they missed. It is the responsibility of the student to complete any assignments they missed and turn them in.

    Attendance is essential to success in this course. Therefore, absences should be limited. Students that miss more than 8 days of class per semester will be referred to Saturday School to make up their time or they will not receive credit for the course.
    honesty policy
    In accordance to the LCHS academic honesty policy, all students have a responsibility to follow the LCHS ethical guidelines and act with integrity and honesty. Students will take responsibility for their actions and consequences. The discipline policy in the academic honesty policy will be followed in cases of academic dishonesty. Please refer to the LCHS academic honesty policy for more information.