Student Attendance and Attendance Make-Up Policies
    2021-2022 School Year 


    To receive course credit, students must attend a class for a minimum of 82 of 90 school days per semester.  Students who miss more than 8 days of class risk receiving zero course credit for that class. (partial credit is not given)  All absences, including excused, unexcused, and out-of-school suspensions, are counted when determining your receipt of academic course credit.  Excessive absences can only be made up with participation in the SLHS Administratively Approved After School Program.

    Student class attendance is mandatory.  Absences and tardies will be documented on a daily basis by your teachers and excessive tardiness and absences will have to be made up.  The Administratively Approved program for student attendance make-up at SLHS is Saturday School.

    Refer to the SLHS 2021-2022 Student Handbook for additional details concerning our school-wide student attendance policies.  

    Policy information concerning the Administratively-Approved Attendance Make-Up Program is outlined in detail in part-5 of the 2021-22 Student Handbook.  These include:

    1. Student Tardy policies
    2. Student Attendance policies
    3. Saturday School Attendance Makeup procedures

    Students are allowed to make up a total of 20 blocks each semester on a block-for-block basis. All makeup time must occur under adult supervision in the SLHS Attendance Saturday School. Students may voluntarily attend Saturday school and/or they may be assigned to attend by the administration.

    1. All school rules apply during Saturday School hours
    2. Saturday school hours are from 7:30-1:30
    3. Students are responsible for their own transportation and snacks during Saturday School.

     Saturday school is available on the following dates:

    First Semester Saturday School Dates:   October 30;   November 13;   December 4;   December 11;   January 8

    Second Semester Saturday School Dates:   March 26;   April 23;   April 30;   May 14;   June 4

     Students will be given 20 minutes to eat lunch from 11:30 am-11:50 am. Food and/or drink deliveries are not allowed. To make up time, students must arrive by 7:30 am. Students who arrive after 7:30 am will be turned away, regardless of how many blocks they are trying to make up. Additional rules and expectations regarding Saturday School are:

    a) A secondary and important purpose of Saturday School sessions is to give students the opportunity to complete coursework missed due to absences. Students should be prepared, with the resources needed to complete missing and/or unfinished work during make-up
    sessions. Students without work may be asked to leave and may not receive credit.

    b) Attendance make-up will only be held at Saturday School in the Media Center.

    c) To attend a Saturday session, students must obtain and submit a Saturday School AgreementForm which is signed by both the parent and student. Forms can be obtained from the front office or downloaded from our website. This form will remain on record for all subsequent Saturday sessions. Students who report without an assigned agreement form will be turned away. Once a signed agreement form has been submitted, students may sign up for Saturday sessions via a Google form found on our school website.

    d) Students must request that their teacher submit an online referral form prior to the Saturday they wish to attend. Students may be denied entry into Saturday School for failure to have an online referral form completed by a teacher prior to attending Saturday School. Students may be denied entry into Saturday School for failure to produce correct electronic documentation from their teacher via online sign-up platforms.

    e) All school rules apply during Saturday School sessions. 

    i. From 7:30 am-1:30 pm: Students will NOT be allowed to leave the Media Center to go to their parked car. 

    ii. Students will NOT be allowed to accept food deliveries. 

    iii. Students will NOT be allowed to leave the Media Center to go to other areas in the building without permission from a teacher.

     *  Failure to comply with any of the rules and expectations listed above may result in the removal of students from Saturday School and a loss of credit for blocks made up that day.