• All K-2 students will be tested on their 8 essential motor skills. They will receive a grade of Master, Proficient, or Developing.  
    MASTER- Student knows the movement and can perform the movement with out any assistance.
    PROFICIENT- The student can perform the movement but needs a visual demonstration or a verbal cue to perform the movement.
    DEVELOPING- Student, even after verbal cue and visual demonstration still needs to improve on the motor movement.  
    WALK- Toes point strait ahead, arms swing freely from the shoulders in opposition to the feet.  Body is erect, eyes look forward and one foot is always in contact with the ground
    RUN- Similar to walking except there is a time of brief flight where both feet are in the air at the same time. Arms should not swing across the mid-line of the body.  
    JUMP- Taking off with 2 feet and landing with 2 feet. Jumpers should land lightly on the balls of their feet. 
    HOP- Is done on one foot at at time.  Also landing on the same foot that was used for taking off.  Students should land balanced.  Students who have a hard time hopping should practice balancing on one foot.   
    GALLOP- Face forward, lead with one foot, and bring the other foot up to it.  The same foot always leads.  
    SIDE-SLIDE-  Similar to galloping, the the direction is sideways with a step-together-step movement.  The same foot always leads, with out feet crossing over each other.  
    LEAP-  uses an elongated step that takes off with one foot and lands on the other.  It is used to cover distance or to go over a low obstacle.  
    SKIP-  a series of step-hops done with alternating feet.