• "You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions"
    -Steve Maraboli
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     Each month we will focus on a different character trait.  I will be incorporating the character traits into my classroom guidance lessons
    We want all of our students to be well-rounded and to embody good character at home, at school, and throughout life.

     The character traits that we will be learning about are as follows:
    August/September - Responsibility
    Be dependable, do your job, and be in charge of your actions and behavior.
    Habit 1 - "Be Proactive"
    Habit 1 is referred to as the "habit of responsibility."  By choosing to be proactive and using proactive language (instead of saying "I can't" choose to say "I can") we are taking responsibility for our actions and behavior.  Being proactive makes us more dependable.
    October - Good Judgement
    Make good choices and think about what might happen because of your choice.
    Habit 2 - "Begin With the End in Mind"
    Habit 2 can help us to have better judgement because this habit teaches us to define outcomes before we act.  By having a personal vision and setting goals, we are ultimately going to make better choices.
    November - Perseverance
    Have the patience to try again after making a mistake.  Never give up!!
    Habit 2 - "Begin With the End in Mind"
    Habit 2 teaches us to set a goal, make a plan, and define the outcomes that we want.  This can help us persevere because even when we fall short or make a mistake, we have a clear vision of what we want our end result to be and we never give up!
    December - Self-Discipline
    Show hard work and commitment.  Control your words and your actions.  Always do your best.
    Habit 3 - "Put First Things First"
    Habit 3 teaches us to look at our "big rocks" and determine what our top priorities are.  When we have self-discipline, we control our words and our actions.  Habit 3 tells us to stay true in the moment of choice.  When following this habit, we must be disciplined and get the most important things done.
    January - Courage
    Be brave.  Don't be afraid to do the right thing even when others do not.  Choose to do the right thing even when no one else is watching.
    Habit 4 - "Think Win-Win"
    Sometimes it is hard to think of others and it takes courage to do the right thing so that everyone wins.  Habit 4 teaches us to find a balance between courage and consideration.  Having courage helps us share our ideas and opinions with confidence without being threatened by feedback from others.
    February - Kindness
    Care for others, be nice, be helpful, and be friendly to everyone.
    Habit 5 - "Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood"
    Habit 5 teaches us to have empathy for others, to validate others, and to appreciate others.  When expressing empathy and kindness, it is important to consider the emotional bank account of others - we should be making deposits and filling buckets with kindness and understanding. 
    March - Cooperation
    Work together, listen to each other, share, and compromise.  Always talk things out nicely to solve a disagreement.
    Habit 6 - "Synergize"
    Habit 6 is referred to as the "habit of creative cooperation."  This habit challenges us to work together to create a better solution than we could create on our own. 
    April - Respect
    Follow the rules and do what your parents and teachers ask you to do.  Like yourself and do not harm your body, other people, or other people's property.
    Habit 6 - "Synergize"
    Habit 6 challenges us to value differences.  Throughout life we meet many people who are very different than us.  It is up to us to value and respect those differences in order to work together effectively. 
    May - Integrity
    Show people that they can trust you.  Always tell the truth.
    Habit 7 - "Sharpen the Saw"
    Habit 7 is all about daily self-renewal.  This habit challenges us to look at all aspects of our life and continually adjust and improve.  We must be honest with others, and with ourselves, in order to be the most effective person we can be.