• Requirements, Responsibilities, and Procedures

    1.   A three ring binder notebook with pockets is required for this class.  It should be 1.5” to 2” thick. Students will keep all class work, homework, notes, handouts, tests, etc. in this binder for this class. AVID binders are fine also.  STUDENTS ARE TO NEVER THROW AWAY ANY WORK OR NOTES FROM THIS CLASS.  
    2. Students are to use standard blue/ black ink or pencil on all assignments, or it can be typed. 

    Make-up Work

    1. A student can make up any work missed during absences and out-of-school suspensions. The student will receive 2 days per absence to make up missing work that was assigned while absent.  Any work assigned prior to absences and due on an absence date are due upon the student’s return.
    2. Missing work is ANY assignment (major, minor, daily, etc.) that a student did not complete for reasons other than absences. In an effort to provide intervention and support for students, Southern Lee High School will implement the following missed work policy:  

    Academic Level Classes

    • Students may make up a maximum of 2 missed assignments per interim period (approx. every 3 weeks; interim dates are in Student handbook and posted in the classroom)
    • Maximum grade of 70
    1. Honesty is expected! Any cheating and parents and administration will be notified. 
    2. Each student is responsible for bringing his/her own materials to class everyday.  You should not be depending on me or your classmate to loan you materials.
    3.   Only one student will be allowed out of the classroom on a pass at a time. Students must fill out the pass log completely and legibly each time a pass is used to leave class.  Permission to leave class is at the teacher’s discretion. Do not ask to leave the class the first and last 10 minutes, as this is a school rule.  I will not allow you to leave class when I am teaching / presenting. 

    Needed Supplies for class

    1.5” to 2” 3 ring binder with pockets               blue, black, and other color pens Pencils 

    Highlighters (yellow, pink, orange, green)          Kleenex                                    

    Loose leaf notebook paper                                Hand sanitizer

    Class Rules

    This is a reminder… just in case you forgot.  Rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

    1. Be Respectful!  This includes to your teacher, classmates, school faculty and personnel, school property, etc.  This means showing respect with words as well as actions.
    2. Be on time!  You should be in your seat, materials out, ready to start when the bell rings, not just walking through the door.
    3. No grooming in class.  (hair, make-up, lotions, perfumes, etc.)  Save it for the bathroom.
    4. No food, drink, cell phones, or hats allowed in class.  Only bottled water is allowed.
    6. Know and follow all the rules outlined in the student handbook.


    1. Any student causing a disruption will be given one verbal warning and will be asked to speak with the teacher.
    2. Continued disruptions of similar nature (in the same or different class periods) will be documented, a parent called, and student referred to administration for disciplinary action.
    3. Any severe infraction, (blatant disrespect, fighting, illegal substance, etc. ) will result in an immediate referral to administration or school resource officer 


    Grades will be placed in three categories: 

    Minor grades: 50 % 

            Major grades: 30 %  

            Daily grades:  20 % 

    Progress reports will be sent home about every 3 to 4 weeks. Students will be given time in class weekly to check their grades. Report card dates are listed are listed on the copy of the traditional school year calendar on the Lee County Schools website:  Traditional Calendar 2021-2022 

    Students and parents should both be set up to be able to view grades in the Power School system.

    Need Extra Help

    If you need additional help, don’t wait!  Talk with me to set up a time. However, if you do not use your class time wisely and efficiently, then you will not qualify to get extra help. 

    Mondays  and Thursdays I will be available until 4:00;however, other times can be arranged.  Please notify me if you are planning on coming, because if no one shows up I might not stay.