• Summer Fun Can Include Learning
    What will you do with your time this summer?
    Maybe you love the outdoors. Maybe you want to become a doctor, someday. Maybe
    you dream of starting a business.
    Whatever you like to do, this summer you can learn something new, improve your skills
    and challenge yourself. This summer, you can do something that will help you get into
    The Directory of College Preparation Programs for K-12 Students in North Carolina is a
    great resource to find a summer program that interests you. It’s available online – free -
    at CFNC.org. The directory lists programs across the state, sponsored
    by colleges and universities, public schools and nonprofit agencies that will prepare you
    for college success. You can choose from programs in science and math, leadership,
    business, government, health careers, marine sciences, arts, humanities and more.
    Many of these programs require a stay on a college campus, so in addition to academics,
    you’ll get firsthand experience living in a college residence hall and getting a sense of life
    on a college campus, maybe even in a different part of the state. Take a look and see if
    you can find a program that sounds interesting to you.