• Expectations for LCHS Students Enrolled as JROTC Cadets

     1.  I expect that all JROTC Cadets understand and exemplify the highest of standards of conduct and behavior as outlined in our school and district policies, as well as our battalion standing operating procedures.  All cadets need to remember to treat ALL others (faculty, staff and fellow students) with the courtesy, dignity and respect that they would like to receive for themselves (Live By The Golden Rule).  When cadets embody this ideology, it allows for an awesome learning environment that all young adults within the classroom are entitled to receive.

          a.  In order to fulfill this expectation within our learning environment, I expect that all JROTC Cadets show up to class ON TIME, sufficiently PREPARED TO PUT FORTH YOUR BEST EFFORT – every day.

          b.  I also expect that you model the behaviors and values outlined in the JROTC Cadet Handbook in order to set the example for behavior and conduct throughout Lee County High School.  You are a JROTC Cadet, in or out of uniform and I expect that your behavior and conduct would transcend whatever it is that you are wearing on any particular day.

     2.  I need to highlight the following classroom behaviors that I will expect from cadets at all times:

         a.  I expect that cadets are seated in the classroom, prepared for the class when the bell rings.  In order to be prepared for class, I expect that cadets will have accommodated any restroom and water requirements prior to the start of class.  Individual cadets that do not do this in between classes and ask to use restrooms or water fountains during class are disruptive and will often miss critical information discussed while they are not in class.
         b.  To reiterate LCHS policy:  cell phone use is strictly prohibited in our classroom unless I expressly allow their use for the purposes of facilitating classroom activities.

         c.  Cadets must be awake, aware and eager to participate in all classroom activities.

     3.  There may be RARE occurrences that a JROTC cadet does not fulfill the aforementioned expectations, in which case we will execute the following graduated response for any cadet that does not follow these simple instructions:

          a.  A first offense will result in me removing the student from class in order to mutually develop solutions for the cadet’s shortfall.

          b.  After a second offense, I will solicit the assistance of a parent or guardian through a phone call home.

          c.  After a third offense, I will have to involve one of the school administrators in order to assist in developing a solution that will be in the best interest of the offending cadet.


    Let us have a great school year and not have to use any part of the aforementioned plan in #3 (above)!