• Post 1081 - Calling all current Juniors...

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/2/2018 3:00:00 AM


    Career & College Wise                              Friday, November 2, 2018

    Post 1081 - Calling all current Juniors...

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    On this Friday, let's talk just a little about the junior year. 


    What are you doing to prepare for the fall of your senior year? Actually, the junior year is one of the most stressful years of high school.




    1. Students should be taking their most rigorous course load since entering high school.

    2. Students take the PSAT for real no more practice.

    3. Most students, those who haven't already started, begin taking the SAT and the ACT

    4. This is the last year of courses and grades that colleges will see when applications are sent.

    5. It is the year that you are selecting your college list.

    6. This is the year you should be attending college open houses and college fairs.

    7. For most juniors, you are taking your first Advanced Placement course(s).

    8. The junior year is when students should most definitely evaluate their resume and spruce it up and/or fill in the holes.

    9. The junior year is the year to seek help on the SAT and/or the ACT.

    10. The junior year is the year to seize the day - seek assistance in any and all that you are struggling with concerning the college process.

    11. If you need to up your course work with more rigor, see your school counselor about changing courses in 2nd semester - check out the CCP Courses (Career and College Promise).


      Juniors - there is no time like the present - get career and college ready -  TODAY!!!


      Next week, we are going to discuss the CCP Program - Career and College Promise Program!!! It is awesome!! I have stories to tell!!

    Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!!

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  • Post 1080 - Seize the Moment!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/1/2018 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise                     Thursday, November 1, 2018

    Post 1080 - Seize the Moment!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.


    Happy Halloween today!  October 31, 2018 - wow!  I have one grandson dressing as Spiderman, one as a hippo (he is only 6 weeks old), and my granddaughter is going to be Elsa!  Enjoy your night and be safe - also remember this Saturday night into Sunday is when we set our clocks back an hour.

    I have had several emails from parents of students who are struggling with the writing of their college essays. The parents have stated that their senior wants to write something that would impress the admission staff.


    In all honestly, that is most definitely the wrong thing to do in writing a college essay. Do not write what you think they want to hear because you will miss the mark - completely. Instead, write about what you like to write about. Write a story giving pieces of who you are so that they will get to know you. This essay is your introduction to each and every person on the admission committee - you won't impress them all (because each person likes something different), but you might impress a few. Write your essay like you put a jigsaw puzzle together - one piece at the time. Be simple and concise so that it is easy to read. The goal of this essay is to make the readers of it like you so much so that they cannot tell you NO. It is not to impress them, but to become likeable - someone they would want to know.


    Okay Seniors.....Come on now, this task isn't hard so stop putting it off. Instead of sleeping to noon this Saturday, get out of bed and make this Saturday, November 3rd the day you will finish your college applications!! There is no time like NOW!  You do not want these applications hanging over your head during the Thanksgiving vacation.


    Seize the moment!


    Happy Thursday!

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  • Post 1079 - Here is Something to Consider....

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/31/2018 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise                         Wednesday, October 31, 2018

    Post 1079 - Here is Something to Consider....

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    Recently, I had a parent call me begging me to help her daughter with the college application process. We met, and I immediately began to understand the mother's frustrations. As I talked with this young lady, I discovered that she was applying to only the schools that her friend was applying to, and she had absolutely no idea if the school had a major in the area she wanted to pursue because she had done absolutely no research to even know what majors were offered at the college. Sound familiar?


    This situation is not unusual; some students feel that they can only go to a college where their best friend is going. Most often, when this type of issue has occurred and been followed through with, the tag along student is never happy and ends up doing poorly and eventually dropping out of college. Friendships are destroyed and unhappiness and discontent reigns. 


    First, this student needs her own list of colleges to attend. These schools need to be schools she has researched, and ones that house her desired major.


    Second, this student needs to realize that she does not need her best friend to be successful. In this particular situation, college is not a tag along outing. Frankly, it is a calculated and well thought out decision based on facts and what is truly best for the student both academically and socially.


    One of the main topics I discuss with groups of students or groups of parents in this panacea of college search is selecting the college that best suits you - the individual, not me and my friend. College selection is an individual choice where the student can embrace each aspect of the educational process that makes him/her the very best that he/she can be. 


    Ironically, both of my children chose colleges with an uncharted path by anyone they knew or by anyone alongside them that they knew. Were they anxious to be the only one from their high school at their selected college - probably - but in the end, it was definitely the best choice they ever made. College is about new beginnings and new friendships. Challenge your child to find their own path; challenge your child to create their own journey. It is a rewarding experience for both the student and the parent!


    Happy Wednesday!

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  • Post 1078 - Okay now....Stop Procrastinating - Get your college applications done!!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/30/2018 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise                            Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    Post 1078 - Okay now....Stop Procrastinating - Get your college applications done!!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    We have passed one of the major college application deadlines - October 15 and now November 1's deadline is fast approaching.  If your child missed the first deadline at a specific college (and deadlines are spectic to colleges), then it is time to put it into low gear and get this job done.


    Parents, if you are struggling to get your child to complete college applications, you might want to rethink the college scene for your child. Some kids intentionally delay this process because they don't know how to tell mom and/or dad that they simply do not want to go away to college next year. They realize that if they miss the deadline it is as if they never had to face the real fact that they did not want to leave home and go away. In reality, this fact is not a bad thing they just are not going about it in the best way.


    I will never forget when my nephew came to me as his school counselor, not his aunt, and told me that he did not want to go to a four year college. He said he had thought a lot about it, and the most he wanted to do was two more years at a community college. He was an excellent student who could have gone to just about any college, but he actually disliked school. He knew he wanted to work with his hands and that he loved all aspects of mechanical technologies, so we looked at all the programs offered at CCCC, Wake Tech, Alamance CC, Randolph CC, and Durham Tech. He found his career solace at CCCC in the maintenance engineering program. He loved it and made exceptional grades. He had numerous job offers prior to graduating; and he accepted an offer in the area making only $5,000 less than me, his aunt who has a master's degree with thirty years of experience. In less than five years, he surpassed me. 


    Personally, I love students who go after what they want to do in life. As parents, we simply want our children to be happy. Let's face it: Not every child wants a four year college degree...AND guess what, I am glad that many choose to go to a two year school to become excellent cosmetologist, dental hygienist, nurses, electricians, computer specialists, auto repairmen, and the list goes on and on. I absolutely love my hairstylist and the person who works on my car and the individual who fixes my air conditioner when it goes out (because I hate being hot....these folks are awesome and they also make a good living for themselves and their families. 


    I have seen students go to a four year college to finish - graduate – and then go immediately to a community college to get a degree in something more specialized. I am sorry....I was never willing to pay for my children to be in school twice! As I mentioned in a much earlier post, talk to your children and hear what they have to say - but also be willing to read between the lines and hear what they aren't saying - actions speak louder than words!!


    Have a wonderful day -Tuesday!

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  • Post 1077 - Another important aspect to consider....Attendance!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/29/2018


    Career & College Wise                                  Monday, October 29, 2018

    Post 1077 - Another important aspect to consider....Attendance!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.


    Did you ever wonder if a student's attendance in school K-12 really has meaning to anything or anyone?


    The answer is a mighty big.................YES!!!


    Allow me to explain..... 


    When a child applies to college or for a job, a high school transcript is requested - most definitely for the college acceptance and very frequently for a job application particularly as a teenager and young adult. But also know that very often even for those who graduated way back when even employers and colleges will need to see a high school transcript - it is a permanent, legal document that stays with you for the rest of your life! 


    In our job world, attendance is most important to employers, so they want to know a person's attendance history and for our young people the only valid attendance record is the school record. Consequently, way back in 1994, when the current transcript was developed for state-wide use, (I know this info because I served on the state committee that developed the state-wide transcript) one of the first things the individuals, who represented the state's public and private colleges and those individuals who represented the business world, serving on this transcript committee wanted to see placed on the transcript was attendance, specifically high school attendance.  Quickly, everyone on the committee agreed. Here are the two main reasons both groups wanted this information on the transcript:


    1. Colleges wanted to see how dedicated students were to a free education.

    2. Businesses wanted to see how dedicated students were to a free education.


      Strange, isn't it....they both wanted to see the same thing for the same reason. They were very vocal in saying that attendance meant so much more to them than grades or test scores. They felt they could teach anybody a specific job to do or course work to learn, but they had no power over whether the student attended class to learn or the employee came to work every day. It is so important we teach our children that there are lots of things that are important in the college application process and in the job hunting journey, but what is most important along the way is that they were present - in attendance.


      Therefore, if you are a parent fighting this type of battle at home, where your child misses school on a whim, then tell him/her it is not you talking - it is the colleges and employers talking. We want our children to be productive no matter what they choose to do in life - go to college then work or go straight to work - upon high school graduation......My advice is to teach them that attendance matters - it matters most! Ironically, if the student attends school regularly, students don't fail. It is really hard to teach students who don't come to school. Personally, I have always felt strongly about attendance, so much so that my children never missed a single day of school. Teaching our children to daily attend school is teaching them the fundamental responsibility to all aspects of their life. 


      If you are sincerely struggling with this issue seek help from your school counselor, teachers, and/or the school social worker. Sometimes things are easier to manage in a team effort.

    Remember college representatives and business professionals were the ones who requested K-12 Attendance be included on an individual's transcript; consequently, if they requested it, then it must be important to them and their process.
    Have a great start to this final week of October - Happy Monday!!!!  
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  • Post 1076 - It is still Application Season!

    Posted by Sherry S.Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/26/2018 3:00:00 AM


    Career & College Wise                       Friday, October 26, 2018

    Post 1076 - It is still Application Season!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    Yes, it is most definitely college application season. It is a very busy time and some seniors are procrastinating which will eventually be their downfall. In all my years of working with seniors and currently as an independent counselor, I have always...always told my students that no matter if the application deadline is after Thanksgiving or even after Christmas, they should set the goal to finish all college applications by the Friday before the Thanksgiving holiday. I have definitely learned that there is way too much family "stuff" going on from Thanksgiving to New Year's and then exams and the new semester to put this important process off past this specific holiday. 


    To me, now is crunch time. No more procrastinating - there is no time like the present. Do this process while everyone else is in the same mode and your teachers and counselors as well. If you are struggling, seek help - do not wait another day!  Find a person at your school who can assist you with your questions or who will sit with you and help you. No, they are not going to do it for you, but they are very willing to answer your questions and resolve your concerns. 


    Seize the day! Complete your college applications now! Trust me, there is no better feeling to know than the college application process is behind you. If you haven't started, don't panic, but get busy. November 1 is fast approaching; it is the next bit deadline date for many colleges.


    Plus, remember...you need to finish your college applications so you can move on to scholarship applications!


    Happy Friday - have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

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  • Post 1075 - FAFSA Quiz - Check your knowledge!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/25/2018 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise                                    Thursday, October 25, 2018

    Post 1075 - FAFSA Quiz - Check your knowledge!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.


    Check your knowledge of the FAFSA....




    When do you apply? 


    When should you have your application completed by?


    Who should apply?


    What should you be doing now?


    What does FAFSA stand for?


    What are the helpful websites for financial aid?




    Now, the window opened on October 1, 2018


    By March 1, 2019


    Everyone applying to college for Fall 2019


    The student should be applying for a FSA ID and one parent should be applying for his/her ID.


    Free Application for Federal Student Aid


    Great Job!  You are FAFSA READY!

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  • Post 1074 - FAFSA - Now is the time! Part III

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/24/2018 3:00:00 AM


    Career & College Wise                               Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    Post 1074 - FAFSA - Now is the time! Part III

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    This week we have spent some time talking about the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid – What to do now - How to prepare and now.....Who should apply?


    Too many folks think financial aid is only for those who cannot afford college. Financial aid can be for everyone. A student might not qualify for grants (free money) but he or she might qualify for work study or loans. As time evolves, we will talk more explicitly about the different types of financial aid.


    For now, who should prepare to apply for financial aid in 2019 - EVERYONE.... well everyone planning to attend college in the fall of 2019!! Why.....because there are some merit based scholarships (which are scholarships solely selected based on academics and/or extracurricular activities not related in any way to need based) that require a FAFSA to be completed even though nothing about the scholarship is based on need. Many times this requirement happens because the funds that support the merit based scholarship required the FAFSA.


    Since no one knows if he/she will qualify for merit based scholarships, all must prepare as if they are going to qualify. 


    Part of being Career and College Wise is being Financial Aid Smart!!  Happy Wednesday and have a wonderful day!!

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  • Post 1073 - FAFSA - Now is the time! Part II

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/23/2018 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise                      Tuesday, October 23, 2018

    Post 1073 - FAFSA - Now is the time! Part II

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    What next for the FAFSA.....


    Next get all your tax info from last year 2017 together. You will need your completed tax forms from the previous year in order to accurately fill out the FAFSA. You want to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible since the filing opened on October 1, 2018. You will see lots of dates out there for completion, but if you want your child considered for federal money it is best to be the first in line or as close to the first in line as you can be. The money will run out. Just this past month, I had a call from a desperate mom who asked me to find out from her son's college why he did not receive any more grants in his package. She had been told by someone that he should receive full grant money (which actually does not exist). Once I started asking questions, I discovered that he did not file his FAFSA until April 30, which was long into the process and they had run out of money. Since others were before him by filing much earlier, much of the money for grants had been completely exhausted. Don't be one of those individuals.


    Items to have in prep for filling out the FAFSA

     2017 federal tax returns (for students and parents) 

     2018-2019 FAFSA on the Web Worksheet (visit: www.fafsa.gov)


    I hope this info helps you and your senior get an early jump on the financial aid process!

    Tomorrow: Who needs to apply for the FAFSA?

    Have a great Tuesday!

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  • Post 1072 - FAFSA - Now is the time!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 10/22/2018


    Career & College Wise                            Monday, October 22, 2018

    Post 1072 - FAFSA - Now is the time!!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and it is a process that begins during a student's senior year of high school. It is a process that is repeated each year throughout the college years, so it is NOT a one-time thing and then it's done.

    The newest change as of two years ago is:  It opened on October 1 - prior it had opened on January 1 of a new year.

    This year FAFSA opened on October 1 as well as I mentioned in an earlier blog post on this very subject.

    I have had lots of folks email me questions about the topic of financial aid, but we are only going to tackle a few for the remainder of this week. 

    Today: What to do now as a senior for the FAFSA?

    Tomorrow: What to do next? And How to best prepare?

    Wednesday: Who needs to do the FAFSA? Be careful of fake FAFSA websites!

    So today, what should you  (as a student or as a parent) be doing right now to start the FAFSA process?  It is a simple start; and if done now, it will make the process so much easier when you start the FAFSA at Website: www.fafsa.ed.gov .

    As a reminder - this Saturday is FAFSA DAY - go to CCCC or State Employees Credit Union to receive FREE help with your FAFSA!!  Hours are from 9am to noon - only on this day!! Oct. 27th, 2018 - An appointment is recommended, but they will not turn anyone away.  You can make an appointment by going to CFNC.org and search FAFSA DAY - find which locations are available and make your appointment.

    Happy, happy Monday.  I honestly cannot believe that this is the last full week of October!  Wow, the holiday season is fast approaching!

    Have a great day!

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