• Post 843 -  Besides money - what about campus secruity?

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/17/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Friday, November 17, 2017

    Post 843 -  Besides money - what about campus secruity?

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    One of the most important aspects I examined thoroughly when both of my children were exploring colleges to attend was the campus safety statistics. Every campus should be able to provide a detailed report upon request of the last 5 to 10 years of all criminal acts on their campus. As a parent, you should ask for this document. 


    In addition to knowing the criminal acts that have occurred on campus, I would want to know how the campus responded to each situation. I quickly learned that it wasn’t enough to simply see the report of actual offenses, but it was even more important to see how the campus responded to each act. I shockingly discovered that campuses react to various crimes differently. For example, some campuses want to handle some crimes through their system. One crime in particular is sexual harassment. It was discouraging to see how some campuses “took care of” this problem. Sexual harassment is one of the leading problems on college campuses, and in my opinion, it has to be confronted head on with criminal charges in order for the situation to cease. Because some campuses handle this crime “in house,” it is often the most repeated offense by an individual on a campus. 


    In essence, I looked far more diligently at the information about how the crimes are handled than the actual crimes because it is a known fact that crimes occur everywhere and college campuses are not excused from this harsh reality. My concern, however, is with the legal repercussions provided and the programs offered for victims of crimes; and most importantly, the preventative programs provided for all students. I wanted my son and daughter to attend every program offered by the school which afforded more knowledge about how to keep themselves safe while on their college campus. Morgan took a self-defense course twice during her college years - I would advise the same of your daughters.


    I know when my son when to High Point University they required all parking spots adjacent to the dorms to be filled by the girls and the guys were to park in the outer lots. Even though I was sending a male to the school, I felt this was a wise and reasonable request and one that was preventative in nature. Also, both colleges my children attended provided security escorts up until 2am anywhere on campus. I also liked that High Point created only two guarded entrances to the college between 9pm and 6am. Both campuses had well lighted campuses and provided numerous security call phones throughout campus. Finally, entrance to all buildings on both campuses after 9pm was by key code only. 


    My advice: The next time you and your child visit a college campus check out its security and ask questions – knowledge is power and even more importantly - it provides peace of mind!!!


    Happy Friday!  Enjoy this beautiful fall weather - I know I am!  Next week is Thanksgiving!!

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  • Post 842 - Another aspect of money for your college bound child..... 

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/16/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Thursday, November 16, 2017

    Post 842 - Another aspect of money for your college bound child..... 

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    Yesterday, I spoke candidly about the amount of money my children received from me each week during college.


    Today, let’s talk credit cards. 


    Be prepared this year for the onslaught of credit card applications that will be sent to your senior. For a while during my son’s senior year, I ignored and tossed each application in the trash. Then one day I was in the bank talking with the bank manager telling him that something should be done with these preying credit card companies, and he listened to my concerns then advised me on the issue. He told me I should allow Spencer one credit card for college. I was shocked. Then the banker explained why….He recommended a credit card in Spencer’s name for emergency use only – for gas if needed, a blown out tire if needed, books for school if needed, groceries if needed, auto work if needed, and the list went on and on. Okay, he had my attention. He went on to suggest that I allow Spencer to apply for one credit card with a $500 limit so I wouldn’t be surprised by a huge bill. Finally, the most important thing he said was that allowing Spencer to have a credit card in his name in college would afford him a credit history when he graduated.  In a matter of a few minutes, I learned a ton of information and realized that I needed to rethink my understanding of this issue. 

    Needless to say, the next credit card application for Spencer we received we completed. I decided to do a lesser credit limit than $500. I allowed him a $300 credit limit. I did the same for my daughter, Morgan, during her senior year. I think Spencer used his twice while in college, and oddly, Morgan never used hers. For both children and me, I must admit that it gave us a feeling of security knowing that if extra money was needed then the card was available. 


    Most importantly, once both children graduated from college, they each had established a credit history, which allowed them to purchase their first homes. To me, this fact alone was well worth each child having a credit card.   It also taught them that credit cards are for emergency use only!  This lesson alone is worth its value.


    Ever since I learned this information, I have shared it – it is wise and important info. Thank you Mr. Banker for your willingness to share your expertise with me way back in 2005 – not only have my children benefited but many, many, many more have as well because I have told all individuals that I encounter who have seniors in high school. 


    Have a blessed Thursday!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  I cannot wait!

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  • Post 841 -  The Money Talk......Once again a blogger has asked a great question:  How much money do I give my child while in college?

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/15/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    Post 841 -  The Money Talk......Once again a blogger has asked a great question:  How much money do I give my child while in college?

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.


     Good Question and here is how I anwered it with my own personal story


    My son, Spencer, was the first to go to college for me so when trying to figure out how much money he needed each month was difficult. You see, I was working off what my parents had done for me. First, during my freshman year, each week my father would drive me to Raleigh on Sunday afternoon. Prior to me exiting the truck, he always gave me my spending money for the week - it was $5.00. Yes, you heard me right - $5.00. Keep in mind at this time, NCSU did not have a food service program on campus, so I lived off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pork-n-beans…..no kidding. I had no car on campus so no need for gas. My five dollars a week amounted to $20.00 a month. Half way through my first semester, I found a twenty hour a week job on campus as a receptionist and all spending money from my parents ceased. 


    Knowing this information was what I was working with in making a decision for money allowance for Spencer I told him this story, and he became very worried. He said, “Mom, I think I need more than $5.00 a week! Please!!” I agreed, so I did some homework and almost all resources recommended $50.00 a week. Wow! That hit hard, but it is exactly what I did. 


    After about two months later, Spencer called and said, “Mom, I don’t need $200 a month from you. I have all my food, 3 times a day, provided on my meal plan; I can even eat at several restaurants off campus with my meal card. I have my car here, but I don’t drive it anywhere because once I find a parking place I am afraid I will lose it so I stay parked and walk everywhere. All of the activities provided on campus are free, so I am good. I will tell you when I need money again!” 


    And from that point on, that is exactly how I worked it. He kept a $200 balance in his checking account. I, of course, had access to his account. I checked it frequently, and when it went below $200 I replenished it to the $200 amount. We never talked money again, and he never ever abused his debit card. I think it amounted to less than $40.00 a month – about a tank of gas!! 


    If you have a senior, this topic needs to be discussed now and the student needs to understand his/her limits. I feel blessed that both of my children lived off of what the campus provided, and guess what????   - your child can too. 


    Have a blessed Wednesday!  I hope you are planning a big family gathering with family and friends for Thanksgiving!  I know I am! It is coming quickly!!

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  • Post 840 -  Understanding what colleges are looking for in the application process!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/14/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Tuesday, November 14, 2017

    Post 840 -  Understanding what colleges are looking for in the application process!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    Last year, I posted a blog that gave nine things that matters most to colleges. This list is still the best list around. I attain my information from attending conferences hosted by the leading colleges in our nation. I pride myself as an Independent Educational Consultant and former school counselor in always providing the most up-to-date and newest information possible. For example, at the last conference I attended, I learned that my list is still the most current with one more detailed change and a #10 added.


    The previous list was as follows:

    1. Courses taken (four year curriculum)

    2. Grades made

    3. GPA and Class Rank

    4. SAT/ACT Test Scores

    5. Essays

    6. School and Community Activities

    7. Summer Enrichment/Internships/Work

    8. Honors and Awards

    9. Recommendations


      First the CHANGE: # 2 – Grades made in the coursework taken. More and more colleges are looking specifically at the grades made in Honors, AP, and IB coursework separately from all other coursework such as electives. One of my earlier posts focused on the fact that some colleges are recalculating GPA by using only the Core Courses such as Englishes, Maths, Sciences, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages. Now, they are even being more specific by looking at grades in only the advanced courses. So for the first time, colleges are saying that the grades a student makes in honors, AP, and IB are most important, so they truly are looking for grades of As and Bs.


      Second – the addition of a #10 – we all knew it was coming. I mean what list has only 9; there has got to be a 10, well here it is: (I have frequently mentioned this aspect – now it is part of the list)

      A student needs to show interest in the college by visits, attending college fairs, attending college open houses, and interviews with admission staff. Depth of interest is the newest addition but as far as ranking it would fit best either as number 5 before essays or as number 6 immediately after essays. Colleges expect students to show interest in their school prior to being accepted.

               Third - Understanding #4 - more detailed understanding of the New SAT and how colleges are looking at it.  In essence, they see the new SAT as easier than the old SAT - 80 points easier.  Consequently, where 1100 was once a good strong score and often a cut-off score in Reading and Math now on the new SAT a 1180 fits that bill. 

    Consequently, here is the NEW list:

    1. Courses taken (four year curriculum)

    2. Grades made (paying special attention to grades in Honors, AP, and IB courses)

    3. GPA and Class Rank

    4. SAT/ACT Test Scores

    5. The level of interest shown in the college

    6. Essays

    7. School and Community Activities

    8. Summer Enrichment/Internships/Work

    9. Honors and Awards

    10. Recommendations

    Again, it is all about keeping current with the information.  It is forever changing.  Please tell your friends and family about this blog - encourage your civic groups to point it out to its members, share with co-workers, share with folks at your church.....just share! 


    Have a great Tuesday!

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  • Post 839 -  Reminder about Free College Application Week!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/13/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Monday, November 13, 2017

    Post 839 -  Reminder about Free College Application Week!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    I have spent several posts discussing this week’s CAW (College Application Week). This upcoming week is one of the most important weeks in a student’s senior year.


    It is valuable to the student who hasn’t yet applied to a college as of yet.


    It is valuable to the student who has applied to one or two colleges but needs to apply to one or two more.


    It is valuable to the student who has applied to all their schools but needs another private school in order to have more negotiation support with his/her top private school.


    It is valuable to the student who is an athlete and needs to apply to other schools he/she has never thought about in the application process.


    It is valuable to the student who is completely undecided and somewhat lost in the college application process.


    It is valuable to the student who needs a counselor readily available to help him/her through the process.


    It is valuable to the student who didn’t know college was even an option for him/her.


    Frankly, it is a most valuable week to every senior. Visit your school counselor today to make certain you are participating in this important week!!


    CAW – College Application Week – November 13 - 18!!! SENIORS……..Take advantage of CAW!!!


    Have a wonderful Monday! 

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  • Post 838 - Calling all current Juniors...

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/10/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Friday, November 10, 2017

    Post 838 - Calling all current Juniors...

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    On this Friday, let’s talk just a little about the junior year. 


    What are you doing to prepare for the fall of your senior year? Actually, the junior year is one of the most stressful years of high school.




    1. Students should be taking their most rigorous course load since entering high school.

    2. Students take the PSAT for real – no more practice.

    3. Most students, those who haven’t already started, begin taking the SAT and the ACT

    4. This is the last year of courses and grades that colleges will see when applications are sent.

    5. It is the year that you are selecting your college list.

    6. This is the year you should be attending college open houses and college fairs.

    7. For most juniors, you are taking your first Advanced Placement course(s).

    8. The junior year is when students should most definitely evaluate their resume and spruce it up and/or fill in the holes.

    9. The junior year is the year to seek help on the SAT and/or the ACT.

    10. The junior year is the year to seize the day – seek assistance in any and all that you are struggling with concerning the college process.

    11. If you need to up your course work with more rigor, see your school counselor about changing courses in 2nd semester – check out the CCP Courses (Career and College Promise).


      Juniors – there is no time like the present – get career and college ready – TODAY!!!


      Next week, we are going to discuss the CCP Program – Career and College Promise Program!!! It is awesome!! I have stories to tell!!

    Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend - Celebrate Veterans Day thanking all who have served!!!

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  • Post 837 - Seize the Moment!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/9/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Thursday, November 9, 2017

    Post 837 - Seize the Moment!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    I have had several emails from parents of students who are struggling with the writing of their college essays. The parents have stated that their senior wants to write something that would impress the admission staff.


    In all honestly, that is most definitely the wrong thing to do in writing a college essay. Do not write what you think they want to hear because you will miss the mark – completely. Instead, write about what you like to write about. Write a story giving pieces of who you are so that they will get to know you. This essay is your introduction to each and every person on the admission committee – you won’t impress them all (because each person likes something different), but you might impress a few. Write your essay like you put a jigsaw puzzle together – one piece at the time. Be simple and concise so that it is easy to read. The goal of this essay is to make the readers of it like you so much so that they cannot tell you NO. It is not to impress them, but to become likeable – someone they would want to know.


    Okay Seniors…..Come on now, this task isn’t hard so stop putting it off. Instead of sleeping to noon this Saturday, get out of bed and make this Saturday, November 11th the day you will finish your college applications!! There is no time like NOW!  You do not want these applications hanging over your head during the Thanksgiving vacation.


    Seize the moment!


    Happy Thursday!

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  • Post 836 - Free College Application Week!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/8/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise          Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    Post 836 - Free College Applicaion Week - Monday, November 13 to Friday, November 20

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.


    Below is last year's list of colleges participating:

    28 (5 public and 23 private) of the 52 North Carolina College/Universities Are Participating!!


    The following North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities: 

    Barton College          

    Greensboro College        

    Methodist College        

    William Peace University          

    Bennett College 
    Guilford College        

    Montreat College             

    Wingate University       

    Belmont Abby College             

    Johnson C. Smith University

    N C Wesleyan College                                      

    Brevard College 

    Lenoir-Rhyne University                               
    Salem College      
    Catawba College         
    Livingstone College  
    St. Andrews University                                 
    Chowan University     
    Mars Hill University                
    University of Mount Olive       
    Davidson College                                          
    Meredith College        
    Warren Wilson College 
    The following University of North Carolina constituent institutions:   
    Elizabeth City State University                   
    North Carolina Central University                   
    Fayetteville State University                      
    Winston Salem State University    
    North Carolina A&T State University
    All North Carolina Community Colleges are particiapating - but they already do not charge to apply!


    What this means:


    1. These 28 schools totally waive their application fee. (which means you could save money or apply to more schools for FREE)

    2. Students need to see their high school counselor to sign up for a CAM appointment for the week of November 13 – 20!

    3. Apply to colleges that might not have been high on the list, but might now be a viable college choice. 

    4. Remember that this week is an excellent time to apply to a 2nd or 3rd choice private college that might help in the negotiations of your number one private college choice’s financial situation.

    5. Counselors at your high school will have booked a computer lab on campus for students with appointments where a counselor will be available to help each student with the application(s) process - many of the students will be able to submit their applications while under the direction of a counselor! How much better is this type of situation….NONE!

    6. Take advantage of this opportunity!! 


      CAM (College Application Month) is a state-wide program to encourage students to complete the application process and to assist with the cost of applying. This program is sponsored by CFNC.org, so all students will need their login information to expedite the process. 


      It is the hope of CFNC.org that providing this state-wide effort more students will apply for college. Last year, the 2016 CAM, assisted almost 35,000 seniors completing 87,269 actual applications. Lee County’s high schools have played a vital role in this state-wide volunteer event!!!


      See your school counselor to sign up for an appointment! NOW!!

    Happy Wedbesday!!

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  • Post 835 - Here is Something to Consider....

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/7/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise           Tuesday, November 7, 2017

    Post 835 - Here is Something to Consider....

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    Recently, I had a parent call me begging me to help her daughter with the college application process. We met, and I immediately began to understand the mother’s frustrations. As I talked with this young lady, I discovered that she was applying to only the schools that her friend was applying to, and she had absolutely no idea if the school had a major in the area she wanted to pursue because she had done absolutely no research to even know what majors were offered at the college. Sound familiar?


    This situation is not unusual; some students feel that they can only go to a college where their best friend is going. Most often, when this type of issue has occurred and been followed through with, the tag along student is never happy and ends up doing poorly and eventually dropping out of college. Friendships are destroyed and unhappiness and discontent reigns. 


    First, this student needs her own list of colleges to attend. These schools need to be schools she has researched, and ones that house her desired major. 


    Second, this student needs to realize that she does not need her best friend to be successful. In this particular situation, college is not a tag along outing. Frankly, it is a calculated and well thought out decision based on facts and what is truly best for the student both academically and socially. 


    One of the main topics I discuss with groups of students or groups of parents in this panacea of college search is selecting the college that best suits you – the individual, not me and my friend. College selection is an individual choice where the student can embrace each aspect of the educational process that makes him/her the very best that he/she can be. 


    Ironically, both of my children chose colleges with an uncharted path by anyone they knew or by anyone alongside them that they knew. Were they anxious to be the only one from their high school at their selected college – probably – but in the end, it was definitely the best choice they ever made. College is about new beginnings and new friendships. Challenge your child to find their own path; challenge your child to create their own journey. It is a rewarding experience for both the student and the parent!


    Happy Tuesday!

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  • Post 834 - Okay now....Stop Procrastinating - Get your college applications done!!

    Posted by Sherry S. Andrews - Career & College Wise on 11/6/2017 3:00:00 AM

    Career & College Wise            Monday, November 6, 2017

    Post 834 - Okay now....Stop Procrastinating - Get your college applications done!!

    Email: ccw@lee.k12.nc.us

    Please email me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

    We have passed two of the major college application deadlines - October 15 and November 1.   If your child missed these deadlines at a specific college (and deadlines are spectic to colleges), then it is time to put it into low gear and get this job done.


    Parents, if you are struggling to get your child to complete college applications, you might want to rethink the college scene for your child. Some kids intentionally delay this process because they don’t know how to tell mom and/or dad that they simply do not want to go away to college next year. They realize that if they miss the deadline it is as if they never had to face the real fact that they did not want to leave home and go away. In reality, this fact is not a bad thing they just are not going about it in the best way.


    I will never forget when my nephew came to me as his school counselor, not his aunt, and told me that he did not want to go to a four year college. He said he had thought a lot about it, and the most he wanted to do was two more years at a community college. He was an excellent student who could have gone to just about any college, but he actually disliked school. He knew he wanted to work with his hands and that he loved all aspects of mechanical technologies, so we looked at all the programs offered at CCCC, Wake Tech, Alamance CC, Randolph CC, and Durham Tech. He found his career solace at CCCC in the maintenance engineering program. He loved it and made exceptional grades. He had numerous job offers prior to graduating; and he accepted an offer in the area making only $5,000 less than me, his aunt who has a master’s degree with thirty years of experience. In less than five years, he surpassed me. 


    Personally, I love students who go after what they want to do in life. As parents, we simply want our children to be happy. Let’s face it: Not every child wants a four year college degree….AND guess what, I am glad that many choose to go to a two year school to become excellent cosmetologist, dental hygienist, nurses, electricians, computer specialists, auto repairmen, and the list goes on and on. I absolutely love my hairstylist and the person who works on my car and the individual who fixes my air conditioner when it goes out (because I hate being hot)….these folks are awesome and they also make a good living for themselves and their families. 


    I have seen students go to a four year college to finish – graduate – and then go immediately to a community college to get a degree in something more specialized. I am sorry….I was never willing to pay for my children to be in school twice! As I mentioned in a much earlier post, talk to your children and hear what they have to say – but also be willing to read between the lines and hear what they aren’t saying – actions speak louder than words!!


    Have a wonderful Monday - yes, it is November!



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