• PETS: Primary Education Thinking Skills

    PETS™ (Primary Education Thinking Skills) is a systematized enrichment and diagnostic thinking skills program. Lessons are presented in convergent analysis, divergent synthesis, visual/spatial thinking, and evaluation, suitable for grades K-3. The program aligns to the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. 
    PETS™ 1, the red book, introduces the six thinking specialists of Crystal Pond Woods: 
    • Dudley the Detective, the convergent/deductive thinker
    • Isabel the Inventor, the divergent/inventive thinker
    • Sybil the Scientist, the convergent/analytical thinker
    • Yolanda the Yarnspinner, the divergent/creative thinker
    • Max the Magician, the visual/spatial thinker
    • Jordan the Judge, the evaluative thinker

    Included in the 24 lessons are encounters with the animal characters who are engaged in problem-solving scenarios calling for their types of thinking -- four lessons involving each character (two whole class lessons to help identify talented learners with accompanying reproducible activities, and two small group lessons for identified students and accompanying reproducible activities).