•    Hello!  My name is Mrs. Neal and I love school.  I have taught at Deep River for most of my teaching career.  Before becoming a teacher, I went to school to be a nurse.  I still work as a nurse on the weekends, but I'd much rather be in the classroom.  Just out of High School, I became a Veterinarian Technician (an animal nurse).  Told you I LOVE school!  I am married and have three wonderful children.  My students hear a lot about my family, mostly the good stuff!  I love being outdoors with our dogs, cats, and horse.  I like to garden a little, cook a little, and spend lots of time with my family.
       As you can see, I am a very caring person.  I care a great deal about each one of my students.  I want each one to work hard and do their very best.  I believe that teachers and parents are a team when it comes to academics.  Children need encouragement, support, and sometimes a little push.