•  Course Syllabus        2022-23  

    Construction Core is a CTE introductory career-area training course at Lee County Schools developed by the National Center for Construction Education & Research,  (NCCER).  

    Construction Core is the prerequisite course for students interested in completing the Carpentry course pathway.   

    This course covers eight (8) curriculum modules which are listed below, plus an additional certificate program.

    Eight Course Modules, plus OSHA safety training:

    • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Safety Training
    • Basic Safety - Construction Site Safety Orientation
    • Introduction to Construction Applied Math
    • Introduction to Hand Tools
    • Introduction to Power Tools
    • Introduction to Construction Drawings
    • Basic Communication Skills
    • Basic Employability Skills
    • Introduction Material Handling Procedures

    This course is designed to include hands-on training, demonstration, and performance components that require students to participate in physical tool use and material handling exercises.  These performance-based activities include supervised student use of tools and building materials in an exterior project-area setting.  The execution of these activities will depend on our ability to maintain a safe, healthy, and cooperative environment for all students.  

    The BASIC SAFETY module is newly updated to align with OSHA's 10-Hour Construction Safety Training Program

    This nationally recognized Construction Safety Training Program gives successful students a competitive advantage after graduation.  These students will be entering the job market and future employment interviews with a documented, highly-valued, OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Safety Training Certification giving them a leg-up on their competition in gaining future employment.

    NCCER Core Curriculum Credential    [During traditional face-to-face instructional settings]
    Upon completion of this course, students who have mastered the course content and met certification requirements
    will add to their graduation portfolio, THREE (3) Industry Recognized Credentials including:

        1. NCCER Construction Site Safety Credential
        2. NCCER Core Curriculum Credential
        3. OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Training Certification 




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