• **2022-23 DRAFT Testing Calendar**



    North Carolina Standardized Testing and Opting Out
    All students in North Carolina (including students with disabilities and students identified as ELs) are required to participate in the Annual Testing Program per state and federal requirements. To date, North Carolina does not allow any student to opt out of required testing unless there are extenuating circumstances, primarily related to serious health conditions. N.C. Admin. Code 06G .0315 requires all students in membership (i.e., enrolled in a school) to participate in the Annual Testing Program.

    A Letter from the Accountability Office

    Testing Requirements
    Grade K-2 Assessments
    • WIDA ACCESS (English Language Learners)*
    • Kindergarden WIDA Screener (English Language Learners)*

     Grade 3-8 Assessments

    • Beginning-Of-Grage (BOG3)*
    • Read To Achieve (RTA)
    • NC Check-Ins (Grades 3 & 6 Reading and Math. Grades 5 & 8 Science. NC Math 1 in Grade 8)
    • NC Check-Ins 2.0 (Grades 4,5,7 & 8 Reading and Math)^
    • End-Of-Grade (Reading, Math, and Science)*
    • End-Of-Course (NC Math 1 in Grade 8)*
    • NC Extend 1 Alternative Assessment*
    • WIDA ACCESS (English Language Learners)*

    High School Assessments

    • Pre ACT (Grade 10)*
    • ACT (Grade 11)*
    • ACT WorkKeys (CTE Concentrators)*
    • NC Check-Ins (Biology, English II, NC Math 1, NC Math 3)
    • End-Of-Course (Biology, English II, NC Math 1, NC Math 3)*
    • NC Extend 1 Alternative Assessment*
    • College & Career Ready Alternative Assessment Grade 10 & Grade 11*
    • WIDA ACCESS (English Language Learners)*
    *State Board of Education has mandated this assessment
    ^State Board of Education will be mandated this assessment in the 2023-2024 school year.


    NC Testing Version of Online Calculators
    To access the North Carolina testing version of the online calculators, visit the hyperlink below. 
    Four Function Calculator
    Scientific Calculator
    Graphing Calculator