• Dear Friends of Lee County Schools:

    Welcome to our Inspired school district! With over 10,000 students and approximately 1,200 employees, our schools offer outstanding teachers, welcoming environments, and cutting-edge technology that empower the future of every student.

    Our educational philosophy focuses on nurturing the whole child by setting high expectations, providing individualized guidance and support, and designing real-world learning opportunities. We accomplish these goals by providing every student with a nurturing environment and strong support in the classroom.  

    Our Board of Education believes that education is economic development and that our school district should be part of the economic engine that supports our community. We want all of our students to be prepared for the challenges that they will face during their lifetimes. This includes preparing students to pursue a lifetime of learning and to compete for the best jobs. We also want a well-educated citizenry in Lee County that attracts successful businesses to our area, provides a productive workforce, and acts for the overall betterment of the community.

    Given the interconnectedness and changing nature of the global economy, our students' future success will depend on learning how to think critically, flourish in changing and sometimes adverse circumstances, and pursue lifelong learning. Creating the conditions in which students can acquire these skills is the best possible form of economic development for both individual students and our community.

    Ultimately, a school district’s success depends on positive relationships and community partnerships. We are fortunate to have tremendous support from our parents and community. Lee County Schools offers outstanding opportunities for students.  I look forward to working with you and the entire community to build and sustain the district as a model for public education. 


    Andy Bryan, Ed.D.