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     Process for Field Experience/Observation/Practicum/Clinical/Internship Placement/Student Teacher Placements
    Step 1: The university/college will collect completed physicals from student(s) making requests for placement through the university/college. The university/college will then send a letter of request to the attention of Javetta Clark,  Human Resources Dept, jclark@lee.k12.nc.us requesting placement approval of  student(s) along with  completed Health Certificate and completed Authority of Release of Information. This letter of request may be emailed to Javetta Clark, at jclark@lee.k12.nc.us, or mailed  to Javetta Clark,  Human Resources Dept, P.O. Box 1010, Sanford NC 27331.
    This letter should include the following information:
    • Student's name
    • Dates and length of placement needed
    • Hours required
    • Content area of placement needed
    • Particular school placement requested if applicable
    • If the student is a current Lee County School employee, university/college should make not with request for placement
    In addition to the above letter of request, the university/college student will need to complete and submit to the Human Resources Department an Authority Of Release Of Information Form and Health Certificate.  These can be emailed to Javetta Clark, Human Resources Dept.  at jclark@lee.k12.nc.us or faxed to the Human Resources Department secure fax line at 919-718-0962.
    Step 2: After all required information has been received, processed and reviewed by  Assistant Superintendent Human Resources, principals will be contacted to confirm availability placement. All placement approvals come from the Human Resources Department. (Please do not contact Principals/Teachers as they do not have the authority to approve placements).
    Step 3: Once all placements have been approved and confirmed, Human Resources Department will respond to the university/college with placement information.
    Guidelines - students requesting field experience/observation/practicum/internship/student teaching:
    • Students should not contact individuals at schools requesting placement.  Please contact the Human Resources Department if you should have questions regarding placement with Lee County Schools.  (Phone: 919-774-6226)
    • Students should not show up at schools until they have received confirmation from the university/college that their request for placement has been approved by Lee County Schools Human Resources Department.