• What is a Family Resource Room?

    A Family Resource Room is a room that houses literacy and math materials that may be borrowed and used at home by families. These high interest materials are available to motivate students to learn at home with the help of parents/guardians all while having enjoyable moments with family.


    Where is the Family Resource Room located? When is it open?

    As you enter the Media Center, you can find the Family Resource Room in the room to the left. Any time the school is open, you are welcome to drop by.


    Who can use the Family Resource Room?

    Using the honor system, any family member can borrow materials.


    What are the procedures for checking out materials?

    1. Take the item you would like to check out to the circulation desk to be assisted by a Wicker staff member for check out.

    2. Leave the items in the bag that you check out to ensure they do not get lost during the check-out period. These bags are provided to help you carry the materials and to keep all the materials together until you return them to the room.

    3. When returning borrowed items, place them in the returned bag container at the circulation desk.



    What kind of materials are available?

    There is a great variety of learning materials available for check out.

    * Books sorted by reading level, graphic novels (comic books), and magazines

    * Big books, Read Together books and hardcover read aloud books

    * Math and Reading games, flashcards, and activity books

    * Writing journals, white boards, markers, magnetic letters and boards