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Ms. Natalie N. Stewart

 Hi everyone!!!

My name is Natalie Stewart, I teach Math here a Southern Lee High School. I am orginally from Newark, New Jersey but I claim Virgina as my home. I am a graduate of Norfolk State University. 


I am a Christian; a true believer in Christ. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Hanging out with my older brothers is one of my best comforts. I enjoy watching old sitcoms or television programs  (70's - 80's) and watching mystery shows/movies. 

 What I do for a living is my passion. I truly enjoy teaching and all the ups/downs that come along with my career. I encourage my students to be their best and not settle. You can not be successful haing a medocre midset so always think above.



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"I will never leave you hanging as long as you don't hang yourselves."

-N. Stewart