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  • Fall 2021 Syllabus


    This syllabus will be used for remote learning and in-class learning. You are responsible for reading all of the syllabus, not just the highlighted parts.

    Fall 2021

    Teacher:       Shannon Monteiro

    Course Description: Math 1 is the first high school math course with a focus on equations and inequalities; liner, exponential and quadratic functions.  In this course, students will receive a variety of instruction, including class lecture, supplementary materials, multimedia, computer technology, video presentations, group activities and individual projects.  After students successfully complete this course they will be able to enroll in Math 2.


    Online Etiquette:

    • Do not use text language. Answer discussion boards with complete sentences.
    • Do not use all caps.
    • Remember, this is a classroom, it’s just a virtual classroom. All rules apply the same.
    • Be respectful of your peers’ comments and opinions.
    • Be to class on time. Attendance will be taken every day.
    • Complete all of your assignments by the due date. All assignments will be locked by a certain date. You will have to contact me if you want to complete an assignment you missed.
    • No online math app will be allowed. That includes but is not limited to Photomath and Mathway. If you use any of these apps you will receive a zero for that assignment.

    Classroom Rules:  These rules will apply when we go back into the classroom. Any violation of these rules will be handled as written in the student handbook.

    1)  Each student will be in their seat when the tardy bell rings.

    2)  Each student will bring all necessary materials (notebook, textbook, toolkit, and pencils) to class.

    3)  Each student will treat himself/herself and others with respect.

    4)  No cell phones, electrical devices, food, drinks, hats in classroom at any time.

    Calculator: While we are on remote learning we will be using Desmos. It is an online calculator that can be used as a graphing calculator.

    Calculators:  Many of our discoveries will require the use of a graphing calculator. I have a classroom set of Ti-84+ graphing calculators but will not be able to allow students to take them home.  It is not required that you purchase a graphing calculator.  However, your child will have homework in which a graphing calculator may be beneficial.  Please make arrangements for your child to come in before school to use the classroom calculators if a calculator is needed and they do not have one at home.  Extra time to complete homework in class will not be provided.  Another option is to find a free calculator emulator online.  Here is a link to one: 

    Class Website: We will be using Canvas through this course. The syllabus, class assignments, homework assignments, etc. will all be on Canvas. If a student loses their paper copy they will be able to access it on Canvas. No other paper copy will be given. Parents can have complete access to their students’ Canvas course.

    Supplies:  Students should have a pencil and a spiral notebook.  Any classroom supplies such as boxes of Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, pencils, glue sticks and color printing paper would be greatly appreciated.  


    Minor Assignments: 60%

    Major Assignments: 40%



    ** LCHS Grade Scale**

                90-100             A

                80-89              B

                70-79              C

                60-69              D

                ≤  59               F

    Assignments:  Students are responsible for turning in assignments on or before the due date.  I will work with your student to make sure all work is complete and turned in on time.  If they are struggling, they need to let me know to get assistance with the concepts.  Late work will be accepted, if turned in within 5 days. After five days no credit will be given. Students will also be responsible for taking organized, dated and titled notes. 

    Absences & Make Up Work:  If a student misses over 8 days in a semester for any reason, they will automatically fail the class.  Students must make up all assignments missed due to absence.

    Reminders concerning makeup work due to absence:

    • Students are required to make up missed work due to absences.
    • Students must request make up work for any type of absence the FIRST day the student returns to school.
    • In order to receive credit, all assignments must be completed within 5 school days of receiving them from the teacher. Work not submitted within 5 school days will result in the student receiving no credit for the assignment.  This means the student will receive a 0 for that assignment.
    • Students are expected to make up missed assignments and students are responsible for arranging a make-up schedule with their teachers. If the student has lost a handout/worksheet it will NOT be re-printed for them.
    • Students needing help with make-up assignments need to ask the teacher for guidance in a timely manner in order to get assignments done by the due date.
    • Teachers must be available and assist in a reasonable manner with student’s efforts to make up assignments.

    Progress Reports:  Progress reports will be sent home every 4 ½ weeks.  If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please feel free to contact me at any time during the semester.  The Parent Assist Module of PowerTeacher is also available for parents to regularly check their child’s progress online.  Please use the module to check your child’s grade regularly and contact me ASAP with any questions or concerns.

     Contact Information:  

    Phone: 919-776-7541 ext. 2570


     Classroom Behavior Rules/Discipline Plan

    Each student shall:

    1. Be prepared for class when the bell stops ringing. This means have the materials needed for class, stop talking, and be ready to begin the day’s work.  Materials you will need to bring to class include:  textbook, notebook, assignments, appropriate writing instruments (pencil, black ink pen, or blue ink pen), and paper for assignments and taking notes.
    2. Respect each class member’s right to learn and the teacher’s right to teach.
    3. Respect others’ person and property. (Keep hands to self, don’t copy, don’t cheat, don’t steal, and don’t play with objects in class).
    4. Listen to what others are saying. Class discussion is an important part of this class.  Do not ridicule or criticize another class member.
    5. Make an honest attempt to cooperate and participate in all activities.
    6. Follow any given instructions when they are given.
    7. Never use offensive or objectionable language.
    8. Do not abuse a substitute teacher.


    Use common sense in class.  Show respect for all members of the class.  If you are not sure if something is allowed, ask.  Use the appropriate behavior at the appropriate time.


    Negative Consequences

    When you choose not to follow these rules, to talk excessively at inappropriate times, or to not put forth a positive effort in class, one or more of the following will happen:

    1. A warning. Warnings may be verbal or written. A warning will be given the first day of class in your syllabus and on the Classroom Bill of Rights. That will be the ONLY warning you will get.
    2. Parent phone call
    3. Referral to Administration


    Severe disruptions will result in a student being removed from the class and sent to the assistant principal with a recommendation that a student be strongly disciplined.  Each discipline situation is unique.  Consequences may change depending on the situation.


    Positive Consequences

    The above guidelines are minimum requirements to maintain a learning atmosphere in this classroom.  The following will happen when the above guidelines are met and exceeded:

    1. Increased time to go over and explain concepts.
    2. More material will be covered.
    3. We will take advantage of fun and unique learning experiences.

     Other Classroom Rules and Expectations

    1. You can be excused from class to go to the bathroom five times during a quarter. You will fill out a bathroom pass AND leave your cell phone with me! No student will leave the classroom with their phone. Students who leave class at any time must sign out and sign in on the form in the front of the classroom.
    2. If you are not in your seat when the bell stops ringing, you will be counted tardy.
    3. Students that are caught cheating in class will be given a zero for the assignment and may be disciplined further. Any communication during a quiz or test is considered cheating.


     I reserve the right to revise the discipline plan if it is not providing a positive learning atmosphere.


  • Contact Information

     Shannon Monteiro

     919-776-7541 ext 2570

  • Class Schedule