• Hello, I'm currently in my ninth year of teaching here at LCHS and I LOVE my job! I believe that ALL children can learn and it is our job as educators to provide them with the skill and tools to be successful.
    I have my BA in English from UNC-Greensboro and my Masters in Teaching (English Education 9-12) from UNC-Pembroke. I achieved National Board Certification in December, 20017.
    I also studied abroad during my undergrad at the University of Strathyclyde in Glasgow, UK. I love all things English! 
    Other professional accomplishments:  
    -AVID Critical Reading Strand 1, Dallas, TX July 2014
    -IB TOK Category 1, June 14-17 2014 St. Petersburg, FL
    -Lee County Schools Local AIG Licensure, May 2015 
    -NAF Next Summer Conference July 2015, Anaheim, CA 
    -AP Summer Institute, UNC-Asheville/Collegeboard, Literature & Composition, June 2016 
    -IB Language A: Language and Literature Category 1, March 2017, Dallas TX 
    -IB Language A: Language and Literature Category 2, October 2019, Atlanta, GA
    -IB TOK Category 2, July 2020 IB Professional Development Services