AVID Family Fair

AVID Family Fair: On Thursday, October 27th, freshmen and their families gathered in the CCCC gym for Family Night.  Freshmen students at LEC spent weeks in their AVID classes making an event that would be special for family members of all ages.  Students planned activities based on a concept from one of their classes, selected an appropriate target age group, and then created posters & activities to share.  Families walked to different table activities to learn how students learn at LEC.  Some tables included: trivia monster building, roller coasters to explore kinetic and potential energy, Barbie bungee jumping to discover linear regression, color chromatography to learn about water, and many, many more!  Freshman Selena Cuevas shared that the night “was a fun opportunity for students and family to connect.”  


Cindy C. (below) helps younger visitors answer trivia questions to create a monster.