• Beginning March 10, the school day will be extended 15 minutes at the elementary and middle schools and 16 minutes at the high schools.  This change in schedule will be in effect until the end of the school year.
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  • North Carolina School Report Cards are now available under the Parents/Students section of the website.
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The 2015-16 LCS High School Course Guide is a great tool for high school students and parents to help make informed decisions about courses for next year!
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What's Happening in Lee County Schools

  • INSPIRED. Talk About Avid!

    For the second time in as many years, Southern Lee High School will have a representative speaking to an audience of thousands at an annual AVID conference. Last year, it was then-rising senior Addie Gonazlez, who spoke at AVID's summer institute in Philadelphia in July. This year, it's a teacher. English instructor Heather Harvey, who teaches three AVID classes at Southern Lee, will address AVID's summer institute in Tampa, Fla.

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  • LCHS NAHS Student Artwork on Display at the Temple Theater

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  • Lee County Gets “Fit” with Middle School Fit Fest

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  • INSPIRED. Making Math Count

    Imagine for a second being in front of dozens of people. Unless you're used to the spotlight, that's daunting enough for most, right? Now, imagine being asked to figure out – in 45 seconds or less – the value of N in the equation “3 to the 213th power times 3 to the 217th power equals N to the 215th power.” That was East Lee Middle School seventh grader Lily Kovasckitz's challenge at a recent MATHCOUNTS competition

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  • INSPIRED. Going the Extra Mile

    It’s lunchtime at West Lee Middle School, and the cafeteria has that stereotypical buzz of kids discussing whatever it is middle school kids talk about these days. They munch on sandwiches, sip milk cartons and laugh with friends. But over here in this corner of the cafeteria is a different kind of buzz. It’s a learning buzz, thanks to Daltina Peele.

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  • INSPIRED. Spellbound

    Lee County's three middle schools were well represented in the district's recent fifth annual Lee County PAGE (Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education) Spelling Bee, with one student from each reaching the final round. 13-year-old Emily Garcia of East Lee Middle School, 14-year-old Jordan Gonzaga of SanLee Middle School, and 12-year-old Hailey Page of West Lee Middle School were the last three standing in the event, which featured more than 20 district students from third to eighth grades competing on the stage at Lee County High School's auditorium on February 14.

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  • INSPIRED. Summer College Bound

    At first, Christian Dishman misunderstood what the announcement was all about. “Honestly, I thought it was an actual college scholarship because I didn't quite read all of it,” the SanLee Middle School eighth grader said. “But I just went through with it because it sounded like fun.” The announcement was actually for the North Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NCASFAA) Middle School Enrichment Scholarship, a yearly award given to nine North Carolina middle school students. No matter, he still won. So this summer, Christian will attend a summer camp at a North Carolina university thanks to being one of nine North Carolina middle school students who were chosen.

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