Painting like Michelangelo:


Take a peek into Lisa Cunkelman’s World History class this week and you would see students lying under the tables - all in the name of learning, of course.  Students were experiencing firsthand how Michelangelo may have felt.  Ms. Cunkelman described the project as a way for students to synthesize “their knowledge of Renaissance culture, values, and artistic advancement to draw Renaissance inspired pictures.  They had to draw their pictures in conditions that simulated Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel to help build an appreciation for the effort that went into creating these masterpieces and develop an understanding of their value to history.”  The students ended the lesson with a discussion of the significance art plays in preserving history for future generations.  Student Jennifer Huynh shared that this project was a “creative way to demonstrate the struggles of what it was like to paint during the Renaissance.” 

Freshman Michael S. (below) concentrates on his masterpiece. 
michael history  
Student Enjoy Activity Day with CCCC: 
On Wednesday, October 19th, LEC students were able to join with students from CCCC to participate in Activity Day.  Held once a semester, this day allows students to take a break from classes, learn more about their campus, and have fun with their classmates.  In addition to receiving a free lunch from Ron’s Barn, students could create their own craft, see motorcycles from CC’s Motorcycle Mechanics Program, toss a frisbee in the courtyard, and play soccer in the gym.  

Students of all grades rush to defend the ball for their team.


Freshmen Brennan (left) and Faith (right) play frisbee in the sunshine.

 Mrs. Testa Named Outstanding Secondary Math Teacher for Lee County:
Congratulations to Mrs. Testa!  She strives daily to help students see the relevance of math in their lives.  She will receive a one year membership to NCCTM, a personalized award, and recognition at the NCCTM Annual Conference.  


LEC Student Recognized at Phi Theta Kappa Convention

LEC student Dhalia Mohamed, along with other members of CCCC's Phi Theta Kappa were praised for their efforts at the honor society's international convention in Washington, DC.  When asked about how being a member of Phi Theta Kappa has shaped her high school and college experience, Dhalia shared, "My change in social attitude was due to my Phi Theta Kappa experiences outside of class. These experiences helped shape me and encouraged me to become more engaged in clubs on campus, both at LEC and CCCC. At times, I was forced out of my comfort zone and this allowed me to grow and develop as an individual."


LEC student Dhalia Mohamed (far left) joins other members of Phi Kappa Theta at the international convention in Washington, DC where they were recognized as a "Distinguished Chapter." 

LEC Student Inducted into CCCC's Phi Kappa Theta

Lee Early College senior, Sarah Bogan, was inducted  into CCCC's Phi Theta Kappa honor society on March 8th.  Students inducted into Phi Theta Kappa must have completed 12 credit hours at CCCC, have at least a 3.7 GPA, and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.  Lee Early College Success Coach, Nick Testa shared, "Sarah is the epitome of a Phi Theta Kappa student: focused, responsible, and motivated.  She is one of the most hard working students at Lee Early College and the school is very proud of her.  She is very deserving of this honor." 

Sarah plans to attend either East Carolina, Campbell, or UNC Chapel Hill in the fall to study Biology.

Spirit Week Comes to LEC!

By Payton Millikin 11/7/15

LEE EARLY COLLEGE - Last week was our annual spirit week, which gave students an opportunity to show their school spirit through a variety of different outfit themes. This year’s lineup included pajama day, mathletes vs. athletes day, squad day, and twin day. Then, to wrap it all up on Friday, students wore combinations of red, black, and silver to represent their cobra pride. The advisory, ACT prep, or senior seminar class who had the most participation will have a pizza party to celebrate their efforts.


                               Pajama Day                                                 Mathlete vs. Athlete Day
Pictures by Jamie Guillergan


Math Competition Club Weekly Meetings

By Kyle Ross 10/24/2015

LEE EARLY COLLEGE - Math Club/Math Competition Club is in full swing again! Last Friday, Sophomores and Juniors who attended last year’s competition at Wake Tech came together again to tackle math problems from just about every form math can be shoved into a test, from statistics and probability to matrices and functions.

The club is open to anyone who wants to join, whether you want to come to the competition or not! It meets in Mrs. Testa’s room on Fridays from 3:00 - 3:30.

The club operates differently from a teacher giving a math lesson during a class. Everybody is constantly working together and discussing possible solutions. Stop by and give it a shot if you want!

Pictures by Jamie Guillergan  


Barbie Bungee Jump: A New Take on Math

By Jamie Guillergan 10/3/2015

LEE EARLY COLLEGE - In the middle of the Cobra Pod, students were preparing to collect data in Ms. Cheatham’s math class through interesting means.


Currently, the students in Ms. Cheatham’s class are working on linear regression models. Adding a fun twist to learning, Ms. Cheatham added Barbie dolls and rubber bands to the mix. The class enacted the experiment outside the student center, a great place for Barbie to practice bungee jumping.

On the class activity, she stated, “Students collect data relating to the number of rubber bands attached to Barbie and the distance that Barbie falls. They do this on a small scale, make a linear regression equation, and then extrapolate to how many rubber bands could give Barbie the most thrilling (yet safe) drop from the patio of the student center.”



Into the Roll of Things: Mrs. Grello and the Roller Coaster Project

By Jamie Guillergan    09/25/2015

LEE EARLY COLLEGE - At the very end of the Lee Early College trailer, consisting of a long hallway with classrooms on either side, is the only Physical Science room. Within the room, science toys are found in every corner and class projects everywhere else. However, you cannot miss Mrs. Sherry Grello amidst the students she passionately teaches. In an interview with Mrs. Grello, she tells about the current projects her students are working on - specifically the roller coaster project.

Why did you choose to be a teacher?

After I had children - and after they had all gone on to finish their school and start their careers, I wanted to have a second career. I liked the idea of being a teacher.

What made you decide that you specifically wanted to teach science?

Originally, I wanted to be an art teacher since I had degree in art. However, it was hard to get a job in New York (where Mrs. Grello once lived) as an art teacher. I decided to teach science since I needed to continue to support my family and I liked science a lot anyways.


It seems that a lot of your class projects are hands on. What inspired you to have students make roller coasters?

Physical Science has to do with systems and interactions with systems. Roller coasters are fun and hit every aspect of Physical Science. Students are more interested in projects if they are fun. It also helps students apply what they learn, to use their science knowledge. Such as making the blueprint and then the rest of the roller coaster.

What is one thing about your routine that inspires you?

Students learning something and then, while not seeing it at first, they understand it. Epiphany - the word we learned in class today. When students learn to understand what they are learning in class.


Art Showcase: Art Creation...With a Tasty Twist:

By Payton Millikin 9/20/2015

LEE EARLY COLLEGE - Last Monday, Art Showcase held a special meeting in which they made two pieces of art as a group… that were both completely edible. Using Twizzlers, M&Ms, frosting, and a multitude of other candies, the club created some awesome volcano pictures, all through collaborative efforts from existing club members and prospective members.


Art Showcase, a competition club, constantly engages its members in fun art projects and invites all people to come join in on the fun. The next meeting takes place September 28, 2015.

Pictures by Sophia Priest and one by Maaz Khan.

Let the Clubs Begin
By Jamie Guillergan  09/03/2015

LEE EARLY COLLEGE - The first month of school has just ended and the student body is just getting back into the swing of things. A great majority of clubs have already begun picking up, while new clubs have just started. Once holding a few and fluctuating clubs, Lee Early College now has stronghold of various clubs for students to join.

Mr. Testa, the new college liaison and Lee Early College Success Coach, commented, “The club fair was a great idea and it sparked an interest in new and returning students. Whenever I go down to the LEC building after school, I see the classrooms filled with students in clubs.”


Several clubs are currently in the planning period, in which they plan out the schedules for the rest of the year. At this time, it marks a great time for students to join clubs and begin running for leadership positions, the latter being instrumental in the applications of many graduating students. Erin Wester, a senior and President of the Drama Club, commented, "LEC provides us with the opportunity to take on leadership in so many different ways through clubs. I feel that it's important for students to realize that not all leadership comes in the form of being the 'head dog,' but that it's the willingness to step up and provide help and dedication to reach a desired endgame (or goal)."

Regardless, the beginning of the school year marks a great blossoming time for clubs and for any new leaders.