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  • Dress Code Reminder 
    We are having a problem with dress code, mostly regarding leggings and tights. These distractions take away from learning time.  Students cannot just wear leggings or tights without having something that covers them, or a shirt that goes down two inches past their fingertips. If students are out of dress code they will be asked to call home for appropriate clothing. If suitable clothing isn't found they may be assigned to ISS until they are in dress code.

    Sagging pants and oversized clothing. Pants are to be worn at or above the waist.

    Sunglasses and head coverings of any kind are not to be worn inside the buildings.

    Clothing and accessories which can be perceived as weapons (including chains/spikes).

    Clothing and attire with any symbols or styles frequently associated with intimidation, violence, or violent groups. (color bandanas, towels or “dew-rags”)

    Clothing and items with messages or illustrations which are lewd, derogatory, indecent, vulgar or advertising any product or service not permitted by law to minors such as drugs, illegal substances, tobacco and alcohol.

    Clothing, shorts, dresses and skirts which are excessively tight or shorter than mid-thigh. All shorts, skirts, dresses must fall at or below the longest fingertip (Leggings or other tight spandex material worn by girls must be covered by a long shirt, shorts or skirt that meet the finger-tip rule).


    Clothing with excessive holes, see-through materials, strapless, tank and spaghetti tops.

    Clothing exposing cleavage, midriff and undergarment

    Clothing worn inappropriately such as unbuckled belts, inside out or backward, unfastened, pants and skirts not at waistline, rolled-up pants and shoes not tied or secured.

    Face paint is not allowed unless it is related to school activities or events.

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  • Buddy Pictures on Thursday, May 1
    buddy photos The flyer with envelope will be sent home with students Tuesday, April 22.  If your child wishes to have a buddy picture taken with friends, each person in the group MUST have an envelope containing the correct amount, $10 per person. The package will contain 1-5x7 and 4 billfolds.

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  • WLMS Music and Chicks 
    West Lee Middle Band, Chorus and Orchestra joined Save The Children and Great American fundraising to send chicks to underprivileged families in Guatemala, Bangladesh and South Sudan.  During our fundraiser, instead of receiving a free item from the catalog, students sent a chick to one of these countries.  These chicks will grow up to provide eggs for the families to eat as well as be able to sell at the market for extra income.
    chicks chicks2

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  • Joan Scott Memorial Poetry Contest 
    Congratulations to Addie Mejia! Her poem "As the Leaves Fall" has won honorable mention in the Joan Scott Memorial poetry contest, sponsored by the North Carolina Poetry Society. It was selected from dozens of entries from elementary and middle school students across the state. As a winner, she will receive a certificate and a free copy of this year's Pinesong book, the anthology collection of contest-winning poems from the NC Poetry Society.  Addie will receive her prizes and read her poem at the annual Awards Day at the historic Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC on May 24, 2014.

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  • A picture is worth 2014 words...
    Have you ordered your yearbook? You can still go to yearbookordercenter.com and enter code 10569 to purchase a 2014 edition of The Pride, West Lee's yearbook. It is $28 through the end of April. You may also order a personalized nameplate for your book through this web site exclusively. When the books arrive on campus, unreserved books will sell for $30.

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  • ARTalympics
     On March 22nd, 10 West Lee students traveled to Scotland County, NC to participate in the 2014 Annual ARTalympics.  Each student was assigned two art events of their choice, ranging from figure drawing to relief sculpture.  After completing the art to the best of their abilities, the art was collected and ranked. 
    The day culminated with an awards ceremony, including trophies and ribbons.  West had a great showing, receiving two 1st place, three 2nd place, one 3rd place, three 4th place, and one 5th place award.  All in all, it was a fun and extremely creative day!

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  • West Lee's Queen Bees
    Mrs. Shover (team captain), Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Layton, and Ms. Cockerham represented West Lee Middle School at the annual Delta Rho spelling bee at the Civic Center Monday night, March 24th. The spelling bee raises money from team entries so that every child born at Central Carolina Hospital can begin life with a book. Delta Rho distributes copies of Goodnight Moon in English and Spanish so that parents can begin developing literacy by reading to their children from early on. There were 32 teams participating; West Lee's team placed fifth.
    spellingbee2   spellingbee1   spellingbee3

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  • Pi Day
    Students from Mrs. Peele's math classes enjoyed eating their assignment on Pi Day, March 14 (3.14).  They used fudge stripe cookies to review circle vocabulary and computed circumference, area, surface area, volume and lateral area using the dimensions of the cookie.
     Pi Day Happy Photo

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  • AVID and Ronald McDonald House
    Students from West Lee Middle School AVID program recently visited the Ronald McDonald House at UNC Chapel Hill. The visit was the culminating event for an outreach project in which students organized a school wide campaign to collect the tabs off of aluminum cans as a fund raiser, to help offset the costs for families staying at Ronald McDonald House. The school collected over 100 pounds of tabs, and AVID students were proud to deliver them during their visit. Accepting the collection for the Ronald McDonald House was Chase McBride, Special Events and Marketing Assistant.
    AVID Ronald
    Students in picture

    L to R - front - Richard McCollum

    2nd row seated - Joey Morrill

    3rd row - Nick Mojica, Jose Aguirre, on Ronald's lap - Matthew Gautier,

    4th row - Bryan Martinez, Chase (special events and marketing assistant for the Ronald McDonald House), Gabriel Fortier.
    AVID Ronald 2

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    NC State chemistry professors, Dr. Reza Ghiladi and Dr. Jeremy Feducia, came for the first of several visits, to Amy Braren's sixth grade science classes this week. Mrs. Braren had completed a unit on the study of energy and the professors brought several exciting lab demonstrations and hands on energy activities.
    NCSU 2
    NCSU 1

    Students saw water separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen and were shocked when a balloon full of Hydrogen atoms were excited and exploded. They were amazed when salt particles in a pickle were energized causing the pickle to glow. Gummy Bears were sacrificed in the name of science and students got to see a very rapid, and explosive, example of what happens during digestion. Creating a battery out of potatoes was the last challenge of the day. The professors will be back again in March and April and a field trip to NCSU is planned for May. This program is funded by a grant by the American Chemistry Society and specifically designated for outreach to schools. Mrs. Braren is also a participant in the county's Essentially Science Math-Science Partnership grant with NC State.
    NCSU 3  NCSU 4

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